Kauai Part 2

The plan for the day was to head to Waimea Canyon and Kokee Statepark. We had planned to hike a few trails but unfortunately the weather up in the mountains was not to our advantage. We saw the beautiful canyon but by the time we got to the lookout at the top of Kokee State Park (Pu’u o Kila) it was cloudy and started to storm. So we retreated to dry ground and spent the afternoon at the pool.

On Saturday we headed out early to try to beat the rain. We planned to hike Kailu trail through the rainforest but it was of course raining and super super muddy. We decided it was not the best idea and headed to a different trail. Instead we hiked the “Sleeping Giant” also know as Nonou Ridge. It was also muddy but the views of Wailua & Waipouli below were amazing. After the Sleeping Giant we rinsed off our muddy shoes on the beach at KAPA’A (where we had gone to the farmer’s market). Then we headed off to find Ho’opouli falls. The trail was not marked very well. Our directions were the trail starts at the yellow fence and that was about it, besides don’t trespass on private property nearby. After about 10 mosquito bites on me and Dustin getting super muddy slip slidding around we finally found the falls. We didn’t find the “other” unamed falls that were further up stream. A local boy told us we had to pick trees to remember for our way back and we decided against going further. After muddying up our shoes for the second time we headed to the North Shore to check out the beaches.

We hung out on Tunnels Beach for awhile and walked up and down. Then we went to Ke’e Lagoon to check out where our potential trail started for tomorrow. We passed the Hanali valley and got beautiful pictures. We even passed Lumahai Beach were South Pacific was filmed! On the way home we took a quick detour to see the Kilauea Lighthouse. And we also stopped in KAPA’A for another hawaiian shaved ice! Dustin’s favorite. Today we had gauva, Tutti-fruiti, and Tiger’s Blood flavor.

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