Oahu Part 1

We headed to Oahu early on Tuesday. It was only a forty minute flight to Oahu. First we headed to tried to go to Pearl Harbor, but there was a three hour wait, so we decided to do that another day. We headed to the other side of the island, first we stopped Dole Pineapple Plantation. Rode the pineapple train and learned how pineapple grow. We had lunch in Haleiwa at Kau’Aina Burger. They had great burgers, Dustin’s was a Pineapple Hamburger and I had the Teryaki Chicken Sandwich.

We drove along the north shore coast and saw several different beaches. We stopped at Turtle Beach (Laniakea Beach) and saw some humongous sea turtles. We spent the night at the famous Stayed Turtle Bay Resort.  The area was beautiful. For dinner we went to Haleiwa Joe’s Seafood Grill. The water tasted like fish (Dustin couldn’t even drink it!) but the food was really good.

The next day we tried to snorkel at the beach, but we didn’t see anything. It was cloudy and too cold for any fish. We swam at the pool, it definitely had the best pool of all the places we stayed.  We checked out at noon and had lunch at Kahuku Grill, a family run restaurant with excellent food. Dustin had a fish sandwich and potato wedges and I had a teryaki hamburger.

The rest of the day we explored part of the Windward coast of Oahu which included China man’s hat, and the Hoomaluhia botanical gardens. In the late afternoon we checked into Waikiki Parc Hotel in Waikiki Beach/Honolulu area where where staying for 2 nights before heading to Maui.  It was a hotwire.com special! Walked to the mall so Dustin could see the Apple Store and we also stopped at Walgreens for more sunscreen. Embarrassingly enough we had a Red Lobster gift card and ended up eating there for dinner. Don’t judge!

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