Cliffs of Moher

We were up bright and early today, after a good night’s sleep in Limerick. We had breakfast at 7:30 am. Luckily the man at the hotel desk asked us if we were looking for breakfast. We said yes and he reminded us that today is an Ireland National Bank Holiday and not many places would be open. So we decided just to have breakfast at the hotel. Dustin, Josh, and Sarah had the mini-Irish breakfast which included sausage, bacon, beans, egg sunny side up, & fried tomato. I opted for the scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. Anyone who knows us, knows I ate Dustin’s beans and he ate my bacon. 🙂 I’m not a huge fan of the Irish bread situation, there are normally just two options, white bread or brown bread. And brown bread is not wheat bread, it’s soda bread which is made of cornmeal and not sure what else, something that makes it brown. 🙂 It’s ok warm but not cold. One morning the cafe had multigrain bread which made me happy!

We headed out to the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast. It was beautiful but despite being 50 degrees the wind chill was much colder. Our ears were throbbing. Here a few pictures below.





Then we drove through the Burren National Park. It is definitely a barren landscape, I’m not sure what to compare it to in the states, it sort of reminds me of part of the west but with stone vs. the red rock. Here are a few pictures.



Dustin’s Dad raises sheep and the Ireland countryside is full of sheep so here is a picture for Ron.

Then we headed back to civilization. It was a 3 hour drive back to Dublin from the Burren National Park.

We are about to board our flight to Paris…Here are a few things we learned while we were in Ireland:

Schemes is just their word for plans….there is no negative connotation. Signs for road schemes and water line schemes were along the way.
Cheers = good day, thank you, etc.
Food for “take away” = take out
Black and White Pudding = blood sausage and other sausage (none of us were brave enough to try, our waitress this morning when asked what it was said, ” you really want to know?”
Courgette = Zucchini
yeh ends almost all of their sentences, you want potatoes yeh?
Roads are extremely narrow.
Speed limits are ridiculously fast for type of roads. The Ring of Kerry crazy roads which in the US would have a speed limit of 10-25 mph were labeled 100 kph. Don’t worry we didn’t get past 50 kph. “Traffic calming” =slow down.

Ireland was a beautiful country…not sure if this will be a vacation destination again but it was definitely worth seeing! Flight is boarding to Paris!

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