It’s finally our last day in Europe! We are all glad that the trip didn’t fly by, but we are ready to sleep in our own beds and wash all of our clothes. My first excitement of the day was finding that I had exactly two pairs of clean socks left!

We headed out around 9:30 am in search of a place called the Choco cafe, which I found on Trip Advisor. Our our way we took the road through Wenceslas Square, a famous street in Prague that leads to the National Museum.


After visiting the square we found the Choco cafe, which is famous for hot chocolate. We thought they would have more breakfast options, but the options were pretty much hot chocolate, coffee drinks, chocolate muffins, croissants with dipping chocolate, and other chocolate delights. Sarah and I thought this was amazing, but the boys left still hungry. Here are a few pictures of the chocolate goodies.



From the cafe we headed towards Old Town Square, here are a few pictures.




We also went in one of the churches near by…I told Dustin I want this chandelier for our house.


He of course said no….so I said I’d settle for this one. 🙂


Since the boys were still hungry, they spotted a few food vendors, a few were selling this traditional Czech/eastern European roll called a trdelnik.


Here is how they make them over hot coals.


We headed over the famous Charles bridge to the other side of the River where the Prague Castle is located.



We were a little disappointed because some areas of the castle that used to be free now require an admission fee. We still got a great view of the city and took a few fun pictures.



By this time, it was past noon and we decided we needed a salad or something healthy to add to our diet for the day (you’ll see why in a minute). We had salads and veggies then we headed off to one of Dustin’s highlights of the trip, “Strudl.” According to Samantha Brown of the Travel Channel’s Passport to Europe show, this place has the best Apple Strudl in all of Europe. It was a bit of a hike to get there, we took the metro out past our apartment a few stops, then walked at least 1.5 km to Strudl and then back to the metro.

We walked a lot today, it’s a good thing considering our last day of vacation diet! Tomorrow we’ll get back on track to normal. Here are some of the pictures.



We each ate 1/2 of a “strudl” then we relaxed for a bit because our feet were aching! Dustin said the trek was worth it, the “strudl” was amazing!

After a few hours we freshened up and headed out for our last European dinner. We decided to have something different, so we introduced Dustin to the world of Thai food at a place called Lemon Leaf, and he loved it! My dish was called Laab Kai and it was super spicy even after I asked if they could use less chilies than normal because it had a “Hott!!!” next to it on the menu and Dustin enjoyed the Phad Thai with Shrimp.



After dinner we set out to find a jazz club with a swing dancing floor, but the two we checked didn’t have swing dancing and had substantial cover charges. There was also a cool Jazz boat that had a dinner cruise and live music, but we found out earlier in the day it was sold out for the next two nights. We decided to take a walk around again, we had to burn off all those calories! During the walk, we took some pictures of Prague in the evening.




We ended up sitting at a cafe that had free jazz music with a saxophone and guitar for a bit, there we enjoyed the last few hours of our vacation in Europe. Prague is a neat city, especially if you have a love for classical or jazz music, art, architecture, or Apple Strudl!

We leave Prague at 1:25 pm here tomorrow, 7:25 am EST and will be back in Columbus by 9:30 pm. yay for a 30 hour day tomorrow! I’m hoping to sleep for part of it, but will try to stay awake for parts so I can sleep when we get back. It’s a good thing I have Wednesday off to recover.

Thanks again to all of you for joining us on this journey! We are so glad we could share each day with you. For those of you wondering, how in the world did they plan this trip themselves, or how could I do something like this, when I get home I’ll write a post with some europe travel tips!

Until next time!

Melody & Dustin

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