San Francisco Part 1

Hello from San Francisco!

We got into town late on Thursday night and rode a shuttle from the airport. When we finally got settled, it was 3am back at home and we were exhausted!

Today was a busy day which we spent with three different friends.

First up, we met one of my friends from online in San Jose. Sean is listener to my podcast and we’ve done some work together before. We picked him up at his condo and went to a local tea shop called Fantasia. The tea was really good and the weather was beautiful, so we sat outside and enjoyed some fruit flavored green tea.

2013-06-07 10.47.32-2

Up next, was my favorite part of the trip. I got to meet my friend Mark, who I used to work with at Whirlpool. He now works for Apple in Cupertino. If you know me at all, you know I’m a huge Apple fan and I was so excited to see the Apple Campus.

Mark took us to lunch at Caffé Mac which is the best cafeteria, we’ve ever experienced. All of the food is organic and most of it was gluten free. Exactly the way we like it!

We spent some time eating lunch and walking around campus and of course had to get our picture taken in front of Apple sign.

2013-06-07 13.25.12

After we left Apple, we decided to stop Google since it’s was on the way. They had another extremely large campus. We thought we’d be able to check out their store and get something cool with Google’s logo on it, but you had to know an employee that works there in order to get in. So after getting a picture with a Google bike, we headed out of Mountain View. (Google furnishes employees with bicycles to ride to and from work or from one office building to another).
2013-06-07 13.58.22

Once we left Google, we headed over to the coast to see Poplar Beach. It was the first beach of the trip and it was extremely windy and a little bit chilly!

It was actually much warmer once we climbed down a small cliff to the sand. This was our first experience with the craziness of San Francisco’s weather. It can be 10 degrees difference in temperatures between two areas in close proximity.


Cold but beautiful! (Near Half Moon Bay)

After the beach we headed up Hwy 1 toward San Francisco and on to Marin County where we are staying for the next 3 nights.  We headed across the Golden Gate Bridge which was almost completely fogged in at the time.

After checking out the hotel we headed to Tiburon a little bit south of where we are staying (still on the north side of the bay) for dinner with a colleague Melody is working on a paper with through the American College of Clinical Pharmacy.  We ate at Servino’s which was an Italian place right on the water!  

2013-06-07 19.01.17

We splurged a bit on a gluten free pizza, it’s been a while since we have had pizza and it was awesome!  Tina and Wilfred shared all about this area of California and Melody learned a lot about pharmacy in this area, she loves connecting with people all trying to advance the practice around the country. It’s also fun to hear life experiences from different perspectives and meet new people. Before we knew it it was 10pm and we were exhausted!

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