Mount Rainier

We were so excited to have 3 nights near Mt. Rainier to relax.  We rented a cabin AKA a condo that looks like a cabin!  It is my style of “camping.”  The place had a fully equipped kitchen, beautiful furnishings, and a hot tub!  We also had access to the HOA pool.

Our Cabin-Condo!
Our Cabin-Condo!

The first afternoon here we enjoyed the pool while the sunshine was out.  It was in the mid 60’s but the water was with the sunshine it was perfect!  After our swim we grilled steaks for dinner with fresh green beans and roasted carrots.  We enjoyed a quiet evening and made coconut flour short cakes and topped them with our fresh peaches!

Another amazing dinner!
Another amazing dinner!

The next day we headed out to hike the panorama trail near “Paradise” in Mt. Rainer.  This area is very close to the top, when we got there, we found that half the trail we planned to hike was unsafe and the rest was snow-covered.  So we decided we didn’t have the appropriate footwear or heavy enough coats since it was 38 degrees.  Due to the weather, the peak was clouded in and we couldn’t get a picture.

Dustin in front of the trail that we weren't equipped for!
Dustin in front of the trail that we weren’t equipped for!

So we headed back down the loop and stopped to hike in warmer weather!  We hiked a few miles in the Grove of the Patriarchs and to Silver Falls!

Dustin on the fun swing bridge!
Dustin on the fun swing bridge!


Only one person could cross the bridge at a time.


It was beautiful…it’s amazing how clear the river water is!

Silver Falls
Silver Falls


Dustin and I at Silver Falls
Dustin and I at Silver Falls


We missed lunch so we had an early dinner back at our cabin of chili.  It hit the spot on this chilly day.

On Thursday it was 39 degrees when we woke!  And it rained all day…double boo! So we relaxed, did a little bit of work, but the internet is super slow here so everything both Dustin and I needed to do we couldn’t do very efficiently.

So Sarah and I did a workout video and some yoga. And we played cards and enjoyed the hot tub when it wasn’t raining too hard. Not to mention we had to eat all the food that needs cooked while we are here. So over the course of the day we made pork sausage patties, salads (with leftover chili), and lamb steaks , carrots, and broccoli for dinner, and coconut flour chocolate lava cakes in a mug!  Sarah was a little bit nervous about eating lamb…I assured her I survived eating Hartzler lamb in the past!  🙂

Tomorrow we are off to a whale watching tour in the San Juan Islands…it’s a bit of a drive, but we’ll end up in Seattle hopefully in time for a late dinner!

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