Birthday Pictures!

Because these pictures are just amazing.. they deserve a post all their own! Thank you Nikki James Photography!


Just few excerpts from my letter to Kenley I wrote for her birthday. I plan to write one every year so when she is 18 she will have them all. I’ll have to apologize I didn’t write one for year 1, but I wrote a lot of stuff down!

…”You love to play house and with your dolls. You put them to bed, rub their backs, rock them, feed them, and take them on walks with your stroller. Sometimes we have quite the crew eating dinner with us. Tonight it was a giant Monkey and a cuddly bear at the table. For your birthday we got you a kitchen set with lots of play food, your favorite part are the ice cubes that come out of the fridge!”….


…”You absolutely adore your grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends, and your babysitter. We all love your contagious laugh, smile, and cute grin. You look a lot like your mommy and daddy! You have daddy’s eyes but you have a lot of mom’s features too despite what everyone thinks! Actually with your blonde hair you look at lot like Aunt Jaci at this age.”


“Some of my favorite memories of this time right now are when I rock you before bed, we cuddle and I sing songs. Ever since you were born I have sung Amazing Grace every time I’ve rubbed your back or rocked you. Daddy thinks someday you will fall asleep in church as soon as it starts playing! Now you often try to sing along, and sometimes interrupt requesting I sing you the “Muffin Man song”…I pray each night the scripture we have on your wall… that the Lord will bless you and Keep you, make his face shine upon you and give you… and you finish it by saying, “Peace.” I pray that is true and as the years go by you will memorize that verse and many more. My prayer is that the Lord will protect you as you grow up in this crazy mixed up world and that people will see Christ through you.”

Love Mom

And here are a few excerpts from Dad’s letter:

“You love pretending to go ‘night night’ complete with a hilarious snoring impression. You make sure everyone has a pillow, a blanket and you rub your baby’s back. Within a few minutes, you shout ‘Up!’ and it’s time to get up”

“I’m pretty sure your could eat bananas (mananas) and yogurt with blueberries and raspberries (yo-yo blue-blue razz-razz) for every meal.”

“I love that you will give me a hug when I ask and you are so concerned about my hands when they have booboos from CrossFit. You frown and show me your booboos too.”

“You love singing songs before bed and your favorite’s are Row, Row, Row Your BoatThe Wheels on the Bus, and Do You Know the Muffin Man. And during the muffin man song, you make us sing verses for each of your stuffed animals.”

Love Dad

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