Peñíscola, Spain & Weekend Happenings

This Saturday’s excursion lead us to Peñíscola; a small town a few hours north of Valencia. Here there is a castle where the Pope Benedict lived from 1417 until his death in 1423. The castle was restored, improved and new walls were added in 1960 when a movie was filmed there. It was a little bit of a climb through town which was fun wth the stroller, we would have wore her but we weren’t going back to the bus until the end of the day, so the stroller came along.

We enjoyed the tour of the castle and K loved running around. Anything to get out of the “stroll-stroll” aka stroller!
After exploring the caste we had lunch at Playa Restaurante. This was our first time this trip taking advantage of the Menu of the Day (Menu de la Dia). Dustin and I enjoyed some Spanish specialities and while Ashley had a pizza and Kenley ate from our plates and from the lunch we packed her. Lunch lasted a few hours since it was multiple courses. By the time we were finished it was raining and not good beach weather. This was a bummer but with just the small amount of rain, K enjoyed the playground anyways. We found a couple different playgrounds and the adults might have taken a turn on this cool rope swing too. It started raining harder and Ash and Dustin kept our stuff dry at a cafe next to another playground where K and I played until it was time to get back on the bus.
On Sunday the weather in Valencia was nice and sunny! We headed to the beach. It was much more crowded this week but still enjoyable anytime there is sand between your toes and waves rolling in. Dustin was super sweet and took K back to the apartment while Ash and I enjoyed some peaceful time at the beach. We stayed another 1.5 hours and then headed back ourselves.
On Sunday evening we got ready for the week and took K to the grocery store with Dustin and I. She wanted to help and pull the cart basket herself. She was pretty good minus coming around the corners, ha! She likes to do lots of things herself right now. Which works out until she gets injured after getting her figures smashed in the buckle on her stroller she now does not want to do that herself, instead she says “Momma do.”  We are re-energized and ready to take on Week 3!

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