Christmas Letter 2022

January 2022 was uneventful other than the fact it’s the month COVID finally got us! (Well me.. the rest of the crew was fine thankfully!) We did enjoy the Bengals run to the Super Bowl! Even Dustin our Brown’s fan rooted for them. The day my quarantine ended we headed right on schedule to Florida to visit Dustin’s parents in Venice. This year Dustin’s sister Ashley and her husband Brian overlapped with us a few days. It was fun, the kids haven’t been on any trips with them before and enjoyed being at the beach together. 

One day when the weather, wasn’t quite beach weather, ie it was 60-70 degrees, we headed over to Orlando for a day at Disney! We took them right before the pandemic started when Lil bro was still free, and this week was the first week that Disney removed masks, of course it was still required indoors the day we were there. We did a hopper pass and went to Magic Kingdom and Epcot and back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks over the 50th anniversary castle! It was fun to be there for the anniversary, I had been there with my family for the 25th anniversary when I was little. On the way home I was “ad targeted” to a promotion for a Disney Cruise Giveaway on the Disney Wish. You just had to post a photo of who you would would ride the Aqua Duck with.. so of course I posted a photo of the 4 of us in front of the castle that day.. And at the end of February we got a message that we were potential winners! At first I was thinking, what does potential mean.. did we win or not! But they have to verify who you are and fill out forms. So we did win! We didn’t tell the kids right away until we knew more details. 

After getting home and a few days of work, I headed to Nashville for an integrative medicine conference with one of my colleagues. It’s funny she is a pharmacist in Montana that works with me and also has kids the same ages! Someday we’ll make it out there to visit her! We enjoyed some Live Nashville music along with our learning.

March came and it was my first year not employed by Cedarville, just serving as an Adjunct. Which was a nice change of pace to be able to lecture a few days alongside my practice, but also enjoy the Hartzler birthday month a little bit more! Sis had some girls over for her birthday and we celebrated them both with family later in the month. And celebrated Dad’s birthday with a date night (tacos of course). 

April is the month of conferences I feel like! I went to Ohio Pharmacist Association meeting for a day, spent a weekend in Dallas for a training, and got to go to Florida to speak. While in Dallas, I got to see 2 of my PharmToTable pharmacists, enjoyed spending time with them and eating yummy food, homemade curry and a Venezuelan restaurant! Then it was Easter and celebrating our nephew Jackson’s birthday! Lil bro also started soccer as a trial with one of the local clubs, they do a pre-academy just 1 hour of training per week to intro. Of course he loved it and ended up joining the team in the Fall. Spring keeps Sis dancing and preparing for her recital early June. 

Dustin and I were able to travel end of April to a functional/integrative medicine conference while his parents came to take care of the kids over a long weekend. The kids enjoy every minute with grandma and grandpa and hardly miss us. I enjoyed seeing some of my team at the conference and it was in Florida, so that’s always a great option when Spring in Ohio is still chilly. 

That brings us to May, best purchase ever.. we got a hot tub! It’s the mother’s day gift to myself for the next 10 years ha! (Dustin did the electrical and digging the trench to put it underground himself.. it was a lot of work!) But seriously I love it so much and spent a lot of evenings out there relaxing. It helps me feel like summer lasts forever too. Sis had her dance recital to kick off the summer. She did tap, ballet, and jazz during that school year. She enjoys it so much. This fall she added tumbling which means she’s constantly doing cartwheels and handstands around the house. 

Summer is my favorite season for sure! We enjoy trips to Kings Island, afternoons at the pool, swim team meets, strawberry picking, days at Grandma and Grandpa’s pool, vacation bible school, back yard smores, and cookouts with friends.

And this year we got to spend 3 nights on the Brand New Disney Wish! Sis wrote a bit about the trip

There was a kids club. When your dad or mom dropped you off at the top and you went down a slide 🛝. In the kids club bathrooms, each bathroom stall had a different Disney characters. They did not have Regular sinks they had fancy hand washers when you put your hands in the water swirled around. Each dinner 🍽️ had a theme there was and Arendalle Frozen experience, Marvel , and a 1923 dinner. Each dinner had a special Sundae I enjoyed. The food was so good we could not make it to dessert 🧁. We enjoyed the beach stop at the Disney private island, and enjoyed the Incredibles Inflatable obstacle course. Our room was on the stern (back of the ship) and we had a nice balcony. We also enjoyed the evening shows.

This summer was also bittersweet. I decided to transition out of the practice I had been in for the last 6 years. I was so grateful to my time there to grow as a provider and especially being able to serve patients with functional medicine in a collaborative practice model.  But as my business was growing, I really needed more flexibility. Dustin hadn’t traveled at all from Fall 2019 to this point for work, and had 3 trips lined up for fall. With our kids needing school transport, I needed to be able to do what I love, teaching other pharmacist and patients about functional medicine and serving patients while also being Mom.  So I transitioned to fully working for myself! I own PharmToTable, LLC and we also have a website called  I also work closely with other business partners at Profero Team to build out other clinical pharmacy services.  I currently oversee our clinical practices and we do insulin pump trainings for two of the pump companies. In August I also started practicing one day a week at Elite Medicine with a physician I had worked with previously. While doing a lot of different things may seem sort of crazy, it works for us because it’s flexible. I still get to do what I love and have always done, and I get to take kids to school and pick them up throughout the week. Trying to savor these years when they are little as best I can while also still growing professionally and helping others grow their practices too. 

Soon after my last day, Dustin and headed to Hawaii, I put that in a quick separate post here!

We flew home and Lil Bro had learned to ride a bike with Aunt Ashley Gasser! The next day we attended Dustin’s 20 year high school reunion. We headed back to Dayton to enjoy our last month of summer! We enjoyed time with friends, and I got to attend the global leadership summit in Chicago with colleagues. We fit in a few more trips to Kings Island and Dustin and I got to enjoy a Reds Game with the Profero Team. Then somehow it was back to school! And we had a kindergartener and a 3rd grader. How did that happen? Lil Bro is in Spanish immersion 5 days a week, with an English class once a week. And Sis is going to the Spanish immersion for homeschool/3rd grade 2 days a week and a home school hybrid school 3 days a week. She has one day of electives there and is loving art and drama class! 

Bro started club soccer (I know we might be crazy) but we decided if he’s going to do it, let’s do something with structure and good foundational skills to start. He’s come such a long way in the 5 months he’s been playing it’s amazing to watch. I’m excited for spring season! Soccer Mom life is fun! I tend to yell a lot even though Dustin tells me they can’t hear me. 🙂 

In September I hosted a continuing education conference in Nashville, TN and held a retreat for my team there the 2 days prior which was a blast! It was so good to see them in person and hug them, laugh, enjoy good food together, and set goals! We ended the trip with a night at the Grand Ole Opry, which I just felt like Papa and Grandma were there with me enjoying it or at least smiling from Heaven. 

Dustin actually went on his first business trip in September since 2019 he was excited for a work trip and seeing all his WordPress people in person. This fall I also did some photography which is a bit of side gig/extension of the business and in the fall I do some outdoor family sessions and Christmas Mini sessions. Our schedule didn’t match up with our normal photographers, so one of my new neighbors does photography too, so we were able to swap sessions this year which was fun! 

In October we did all the fall things. Apple Picking, Harvest fests, Trunk or Treat, and a visit to Lexington to celebrate Aunt Ashley Hornback’s birthday. My dad also had a big birthday this year and we celebrated at his favorite restaurant in Cincinnati, Montgomery Inn. Dustin headed off to Denver for a meet-up with his team at the end of the month.

November we had our last FxMedCE Virtual conference of the year, celebrated Thanksgiving early with the Hartzler side, and then enjoyed a long weekend in Tennessee again on Thanksgiving thanks to my mom and her timeshare deals! We explored the Smokey Mountain National Park, saw bears, a waterfall, and a snake! I haven’t done anything with pictures from my big girl camera but here are some fun shots from my phone. The kids also loved the resort we stayed in, it had an indoor water park and ice skating outside. It was nice to be outside and enjoyed some time away for the holiday. 

And now we are here in December, it hasn’t been all rosy, some ups and downs with sickness in the house, and some scary events but all in all we enjoyed celebrating my birthday with the kids and friends at Table 33 and Dustin and I enjoyed Sueno on our first date night since Hawaii.  I’m pretty sure I could eat there every day for the rest of my life. It would get a tad expensive though! Kenley wanted to add we ate a Chipotle on my actual birthday and they were out of everything ha! (You can see a theme here, we basically should move to Mexico). We also celebrated our nephew turning 6 the following weekend where the kids got their first chance to try rock climbing! 

We are slowing down a bit this week, the kids had 3 days of school this week, and our dancer had a Christmas Show on Wednesday. Most of our presents are wrapped or shipped, and we are counting our blessings. We are thankful for the year of growth and opportunities, and thankful for all the people that build into our kiddos. It’s truly a village that we couldn’t do this without. 

As we move forward into the new year, we pray that each of you would know the love of Jesus, and that your year would be full of lasting memories and your family would thrive!

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

John 1:14

Maui, Hawaii 2022

We did some new adventures and also hit some spots we had gone to in 2011 on our last trip there. We stayed at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa Ka’anapali and we had the best Ocean view room! We had breakfast included every morning so we worked out (enjoyed having a peloton bike!) and ate an Acai bowl on the balcony each morning. We explored upcountry one of our first days, enjoyed the view from a lavender farm, stopped in Makewo and checked out the Komodo Store and bakery (it was good but not as good we remembered!) what was better was the Maui Cookie Lady which a local let us know about!   We also checked out the pineapple wine at Maui Wine.  We had dinner twice at a restaurant we could walk to called Monkey Pod Kitchen, it was so good!  

Another day we hiked a costal trail Nakalele Point, Blowhole & “Acid War Zone” which was beautiful! Another family got there at the same time as us so we enjoyed their company and told them about the Gazebo restaurant to hit up for macadamia nut pancakes on the way back. They also had an extra reservation for sunrise at Haleakala. We hadn’t planned to do that again partially because we weren’t planning ahead on reservations, but then we had one ,so we went and the sunrise was amazing! The last time we were there we biked down but the sunrise was super cloudy, this time it was perfect! Somewhat chilly but worth it! 

We did make it to Wailea area and went to Makena Beach. It’s such a beautiful beach but lots of rough waves! We thought about the road to Hana again but since I had been twice and Dustin had done it last time, we decided to spend our last day relaxing at the hotel. Maybe we’ll take the kids on it someday! 

Christmas Letter 2019

Holiday Greetings to our family and friends. 2019 has been a fabulous year. We moved in our new home the last few weeks of 2018, so 2019 has been much less chaotic with regards to moving! We are feeling more settled, but still lots of things to do.

January snowfall before our window treatments but still beautiful!

January and February were fairly uneventful other than surviving the typical winter in Ohio. In March we have our trifecta of birthdays to celebrate Princess K turned 5 and Prince K turned 2, and Daddy had his birthday as well. (30 plus one of the kids ages, I’ll let you guess which one. 🙂  So we had a princess party and a construction party. We did a photo shoot in March for their birthdays too.

Moving into May, Dustin enjoyed a week with his teammates in Canada prior to starting his sabbatical for 3 months. During the 3 months the plan was to finish the deck and start the basement. Unfortunately the crew we had doing the structure was held up by county permits and wasn’t able to start until end of June so it slowed the project a bit.

Prior to the start of the deck, we enjoyed a week in Hilton Head Island in early May with Dustin’s parents. It was theirs and the kids first visit to HHI and it was a success! Perfect weather and good food! I wrote a post on PharmToTable.Life with some of our favorites and about our vacation meal planning process!

In June, Princess K had her dance recital. She’s been in dance for the last few years, but this was the first time she took tap and ballet. She performed with just one other little girl a ballet number to Fly to Your Heart, and she and small group of tap dances performed to Party in the USA. She loves dance! In the fall she started jazz instead of tap, and is continuing ballet. During the last week of June she also went to gymnastics camp with one of her besties that moved to Texas in July. We have a few friends in San Antonio now that we need to visit in 2020.

We had a super rainy June so it was a little bit of a blur, but July came and Dustin had most of the deck completed except the stairs, his dad came towards the end a couple weekends and helped him with the stairs!

This summer was also super fun because our little prince did ISR swim lessons and he was loving the pool. We had a local pool membership and swam as much as we could. Even into Sept this year, the pool was closed but thankfully some of our friends had their pool still open on Sept 30th when it was 85 degrees!

In early August we also did a photo shoot in our new kitchen for my blog, but we haven’t gotten it updated yet. 🙂

School started back in mid August, Princess K started kindergarten and Prince K started Little Explorers just a couple hours a week. We absolutely love Spanish Immersion and wish the school went beyond 1st grade. I’m pretty sure I’m going to cry when they have to go to another school. I’ve contemplated moving somewhere they do have a full Spanish immersion program but after moving 3 times last year, I remind myself I don’t want to do that again for a long time! It’s so amazing though to listen to her communicate in Spanish.

Dustin and I took a trip, just us, to St. John in October which was wonderful.  The USVI are beautiful and swimming in the ocean there seemed like we were in a dream. I’m a little behind on life, but maybe when I catch up, I’ll do a post with our St. John favorites. This blog has a been a little neglected this year because of other adventures.

One of those adventures is we launched a new website called to help share the good news about a functional medicine approach to disease with other pharmacists looking to learn more. We had our first virtual conference in November and it went very well. We are looking forward to the next one on Leap Day 2020.

Fall pictures are our fav! We created a colleague on our wall recently with fall photos form the last several years.

We had Thanksgiving celebrations with both sides and our neighbors. We have been so blessed to have such a great community in our neighborhood.

December has been a bit more low key than normal, because Kellen needed an ISR refresher, I stayed home from Midyear so I could help transport him there since it’s 10 min every day of the week. But it was fun to be here for my birthday and spend more time decorating for Christmas with the kiddos.

Last December we were in our house for about 4 days, and this year we are only taking about 4 days away to spend at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Definitely a contrast but both were great! We are looking forward to Disney World in January and crossing our fingers for warm enough weather to have some beach time too.

Praying your home is filled with the true purpose of Christmas, and that as you reflect on 2019 that you see God’s blessings even through hard times. We also pray that 2020 fills your home with peace, love, joy, along with lots of laughter and smiles!

The Hartzlers

Next Adventure..Building a Home!

Short Story… We are building a new house in Washington Township (about 20 min from our current home)!

Long Story… Last fall the Lord was moving us to try to live closer to most of the places we do life, closer to our church, closer to Dayton International School, etc. We looked at a lot of properties and found one we fell in LOVE with. We saw every aspect of our ministry and our jobs fit perfectly in that space. Unfortunately there was a crazy situation and lawsuit pending on the property where we waited 3 months to see if there would be resolution. During this time we learned so much about prayer and spent more time praying together and with our children than ever before. We really began to understand what it means to pray without ceasing. Dustin drove to the property every day for 3 months except for a few days we weren’t in town. He walked the property and prayed, and sat in the drive and prayed over the home. Kenley would pray at the dinner table, “Jesus…don’t let the bully goat get our house.”
As we continued to wait and pray, we started to look at other options too.  Dustin has always wanted to build and we thought it was out of reach, but we found a place that is a great neighborhood that will be a good investment.  Also instead of remodeling an older home over the next 4-5 years we will have a low maintenance property and can spend more time with our children and our ministry. We started realizing the unknowns about the other property, and things that could be issues with an almost 40 year old home. God is good even though his answer wasn’t what we thought we were praying for. Thankful that He cares about the small things in life. 🙂
Today when we visited the neighborhood to look at some already completed homes to take a closer look at the kitchens and bathroom selections, we met 3 different families, all of which had children near ours in age. Our neighbors across the pond have a girl and boy about the same ages as ours. They were all so nice..Again God is good and we are excited for this new adventure!

“And God is able to make all grace abound to you, so that having all sufficiency in all things at all times, you may abound in every good work. As it is written, “He has distributed freely, he has given to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.” He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness. You will be enriched in every way to be generous in every way, which through us will produce thanksgiving to God.” 2 Corintians 9:8-11

PS: Next step.. we have to pick out all the interior finishes.. ekk! If you have an eye for design and want to send us links to your favorite kitchen and bathrooms feel free!