Day At Sea

Today was a super lazy day but much needed! We woke up without alarms & enjoyed a later breakfast.

Melissa and I did a Latin dance session similar to Zumba. Then I worked out some more in the fitness center. I have to work out every day on this trip to catch up on my Fit Challenge for Cedarville so I can average 4 days per week. The last few weeks had been crazy and I was way behind! This was perfect week to catch up. I can’t miss out on my $25 gift card to the CU bookstore!

Matt played in the ping pong tournament, unfortunately he didn’t win! 😦

Dustin and I climbed the rock wall. It was fun, it brought back memories of Girl Scout camp and Rock Quest in Cincinnati.

Somehow between rock climbing and lunch I lost them all and walked around for what seemed like forever and finally found Melissa who told me the area to look for the boys.

We enjoyed lunch and then Melissa & I fell asleep on their balcony while the boys went to learn how to juggle.

Later in the afternoon, the boys also played in a volleyball tournament…and won again! medal count: 2 golds!

For dinner I had Barramundi (white fish from Australia) and Dustin had crab ravioli. He splurged on the pasta and wasn’t impressed…the fish was tasty though!

It was anniversary night at dinner tonight and since we mentioned when we booked that we were celebrating our 5 year anniversary (even though it was a few months late) they came and sang to us and tied our hands together with our napkins.

They brought us another dessert (as if we needed it, count how many dessert plates are on the table). It was not our favorite and we didn’t eat much of it.

The evening events were sort of boring so we taught the Muirs how to play Wizard…thanks to Ashley Hartzler for buying it for us!

Here’s one last picture of us after dinner.

Our relaxing day at sea was a success…St. Lucia tomorrow, so excited!